Apollo Bust XL
Apollo Bust XL
Apollo Bust XL
Apollo Bust XL
Apollo Bust XL
Apollo Bust XL

Apollo Bust XL

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A collection of popular sculptures in modern or minimal colorways. Made of alabaster. In Pop, Modern and Minimal colors it covers all types of consumer and giving them a unique decoration.

  • White-Gold Art
Material: Alabaster
Dimention: 35 × 22 × 53 CM
Subcategory: Bustes
Weight: 12.2 Kg

Apollo is one of the 12 gods of Olympus, god of light, protector of the arts and divination. The most common myth about his birth states that it took place on the island of Ortygia (today's Delos) by Leto, goddess of the starry night, who was the wife of Zeus before Hera. Due to the great jealousy of Hera for Leto, no place accepted her to give birth, except Ortygia. It was an island, which until then sailed free in the waves and so it was difficult for Hera to detect the location to which Leto had taken refuge. Later, Zeus stabilized the island in order for the birth of Apollo to take place. The labor pains lasted for nine days and nine nights and then Eileithyia, the mother that Hera deliberately kept close to her, was able to escape to help the ready-made Leto. Artemis was born first and then Apollo. Ortygia was named Delos, because there the god Apollo was revealed (became Delos, that is, obvious).

35 × 22 × 53 CM

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