ArtCulture Knows To Inspire

ArtCulture Knows To Inspire

ArtCulture provides Premium & Luxury packaging for its products to meet and adapt to the needs of the public, making it an ideal gift from the consumer.

With each product you get a free ArtCulture Non-Woven Bag as well as the option to choose an ArtCulture gift box and greeting card, depending on your preference.

In the package you will find the unique ArtCulture product of your choice, together with the accompanying certificates of an authentic Greek ArtCulture product, a greeting or postal card with space for the consumer to write wishes if it is a gift from him, a card with a QR code for the read the history of the product with the appropriate application from any smartphone.

Luxury ArtCulture Packaging

All products come with packaging

  • Artculture Gift Wrap of your choice
  • Supply of ArtCulture Non Woven Bag
  • Provision of a Greeting Card for the consumer to write wishes
  • Certificate of Greek authentic product
  • Qr code card with the history of the item

ArtCulture Non Wover Bag

All products come with packaging

  • Eco-friendly, reusable, economical.
  • The material is produced from polypropylene without the use of water, has a short decomposition time and is 100% recyclable.
  • Combined with their reuse, non woven bags are the ideal ecological solution.
  • 25 Χ 12 Χ 35 cm
  • 34,5 Χ 12 Χ 43,5 cm
  • 58 Χ 12 Χ 43,5 cm

ArtCulture Gift Box

Add value to your store, excite your customers!

  • Art - Decoration - Souvenir
  • Business Gifts
  • Innovation
  • Specialisation
  • Development
  • Support


  • 19 Χ 13 Χ 28 cm
  • 22 Χ 17 Χ 35 cm
  • 28 Χ 22 Χ 40 cm

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