Bank account deposit

After your order has been processed, you will receive a list of immediately available products. Subsequently, deposit the amount into one of the bank accounts stating as justification the number of the invoice you have received. Your order will be shipped once the deposit is confirmed.


PIRAEUS:NO.LOG. 5215 079568 133

IBAN: GR21 0172 215000 5215 079568 133

EUROBANK : ACCOUNT NO. 0026 0118 41 0200727087

IBAN: GR61 0260 118 0000 41 0200727087

ALPHA :ACCOUNT NO. 7080 0200 2018 165

IBAN: GR91 0140 7080 7080 0200 2018 165

The shipment will be made with a cooperating agency of the company, otherwise, when ordering, note the contact details of the agency of your choice.

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